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This will be utilized in various forms of media across all our communications channels and will serve as the primary identity for the series. Playing off a classic theme, an elegant typeface is used in order to communicate a sense of spirit of the season of Christmas, as well as some nostalgia in good measure.



Liturgy Artwork

These are the pieces that will be handed out each week. There is one more piece to finish for O Come, O Come Emmanuel, which will be completed soon.



Liturgy Back

On the back of each piece of artwork will be a mini-liturgy consisting of a prayer focused on the Advent theme of each work. Additionally, there will be a corresponding Bible verse, or “breath prayer”. These are simple, one line prayers that can be recited in one breath, repeatedly to yourself throughout your day.



Video Bumper Concepts

Primary Aesthetic:

The primary video treatment will utilize a documentary-style approach, most likely in black and white. This is partly for aesthetic purposes, but also because we’ll be filming prior to “cold weather” season and it’s simple means to achieve the look of the season by eliminating environmental colors from the video.

Video Treatment Concept #1

In an effort to communicate to the congregation that carols can be used in a variety of settings with a large to small groups, the video bumper will feature four distinct subjects. The first will be of the gathered church congregation during the music portion of a Sunday morning, the weekly bumper will then be distilled down to smaller groups. During the second week, we will follow a small group of carolers as they gather and setup outside a home to sing carols. The third week, the plan is to show two different musicians in a formal and informal setting playing their instruments solo. The fourth week will feature an everyday scenario, such as someone at home baking or decorating while singing carols as they work.

Additionally, each of the individual bumpers would be edited together into a capstone bumper for Christmas Eve as a means of tying it all together for visitors or regular attendees who may have missed a week of church.