Because community is such a vital part of pursuing our relationship with God, we encourage every adult attending Gateway to connect with a Life Group.  It’s our desire that by being involved with a Life Group, you will experience a greater connection with Jesus and one another. 

If you would like more information regarding life groups, please contact Rosemary Lyon (  Also, scroll down to see answers to some common questions about groups.  

Ed Grable
Life Group Director

What is a Life Group?

Life groups are small groups of about twelve people which gather for the purpose of connecting with Jesus and one another. Life groups provide a training ground for Christ-followers and seekers to discover how to reflect God’s glory in all that we do.  Life groups do this by pursuing three vital relationships: Jesus, Christ-followers, and outsiders.

What Do Life Groups Do?

Life groups regularly spend time studying the Bible, caring for one another, and reaching out to others.

When, Where, and How Long Do Life Groups Meet?

Life groups generally gather weekly or every other week for about 90 minutes.  Most groups meet in the evening, but the day of the week varies by the group.

How Long Do Life Groups Last?

Life groups meet from September to November and January to May.  Some groups meet from June to August as well.

How Long Do Life Groups Stay Together?

After a life group has been together for 12-24 months, our goal is to have one or more people from the group leave to start a new one.  This creates space and additional groups for new people.  We call this Group Multiplication.

What is the Required Commitment?

Joining a life group requires a 12 month commitment to attend.  Most groups do not meet during December and will take a few weeks off in the summer.  Obviously, allowances are made for sickness, vacation, work conflicts, and other special events, but not much more.  This commitment is the key to a strong life group.  You have the first month to attend the group to make sure it’s a good fit for you.

What Will We Study?

Many of the studies are based on the previous Sunday’s message at Gateway.  These “sermon-based” studies are built on what we call a “Proclamation-Application” model.  We gather on Sundays to hear the proclamation or teaching of the Bible.  Then, we get together in life groups to discuss and live out the applications from what we hear on Sundays by digging deeper into the Bible. 
Some groups will also do a Bible-centered, topical study for a few months each year.

What About Child Care?

Life groups are for adults only. (Exceptions can be made for nursing newborns, up to six months.) We leave it up to each family to work out their own child care. Sometimes it works best for families to share a sitter or to swap child care with another family whose life group meets on a different evening.

How Do I Sign Up For a Life Group?

Click HERE.  Take a few brief minutes to fill out the form, and someone will respond to you in just a few business days.