In Acts 1:8 Jesus says that we will be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea-Samaria, and the uttermost parts. We have attempted to model the GO ministry on this verse. 1+1=2 is modeled on this; that each person as a part of Gateway would have at least one person (1) they are building a relationship with so to share the gospel, that each person would each year (+1) be involved in an evangelistic outreach, and that every two years (=2) they would go cross-culturally on a missions trip. 1+1=2.

This has also affected how we handle our finances. In each of the categories mentioned (Jerusalem, Judea-Samaria, utter-most parts) there are people in each category who have no exposure to the gospel, and in many cases no access to the gospel, or have never even heard of the gospel. Our Acts 1:8 model encourages us to think of these people first when we are developing strategies for reaching people. So our financial support structure encourages the support of mission endeavors that focus on the aforementioned people groups with the least opportunity to hear the gospel. To that end we have put together a matrix to help us determine how to best use the support we have for people.

  • Unreached people groups, church planting, Muslim, EPC
  • Unreached people groups, church planting, EPC
  • Unreached people groups, church planting
  • Unreached people groups, social justice
  • Semi reached people, church planting, EPC
  • Semi reached people, church planting
  • Semi reached people, social justice
  • Reached people, church planting, EPC
  • Reached people, church planting
  • Reached people, social justice
  • Administrative positions (Unreached, Least Reached, Reached)

This matrix allows us to maximize our dollars in locations where people have the least opportunity to hear the gospel.