Will McCabe
CCO Fellow

Will is a CCO Fellow reaching out to students at the University of Findlay and recently graduated from Ohio Northern University with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing.

"College seemed to become so much more enjoyable once I started going to CCO events, especially Engage" Will comments. "I finally felt that I was attending a Christian place that was both challenging and nurturing, and instead of rehashing the same message over and over, taught me ideas I hadn't thought of before then.

"What I love about CCO is the reach it has. Instead of just having one base and only working there, it works in several areas, which makes working for a local community seem more personal. I love the idea of both helping at a community level and being part of something greater. I look forward to helping guide college students to a healthy college life and Christian life, and show that it's possible to have both!"

Will can be contacted at: wmccabe@gatewayepc.org