Donation List


Building toys (mega blocks, duplos, legos) - can be lightly used
Small plastic animals (zoo, jungle, barnyard, etc.) - approx. 4”-8”
Play food
Toy dishes
Toy tea set
1 piece kitchen set (can be lightly used)
Fisher Price Little People Noah’s Ark (approx $30)
Fisher Price Little People Surprise and Sounds Home (approx $40)
Fisher Price LIttle People Mighty Kings Castle (approx. $35)
Bristle Blocks (can be lightly used)
Hand puppets
Nesting dolls
Child instruments (i.e. maracas, xylophones, tambourines, cymbals, etc.
Play-doh tools (can be lightly used)
Beads & Pattern Card Set by Learning Resources (can be found on Amazon for $18)
Puzzles with knobs or pegs (for little hands)
Puzzles (wooden or board - for preschoolers)
Wooden alphabet blocks
Train table (can be lightly used)
Cars (for toddlers - larger than hotwheels)


Gas Grill
Gift Cards -- Walmart, Lowes


Saran Wrap
Sandwich Bags
Reynolds Wrap
Baggies (any size)
Plastic Ware
Paper Plates
Paper/Plastic Cup
Paper Napkins


6 Coffee Tables (preferably round but any shape will be accepted)
25 Bean Bag Chairs


Donations can be dropped off at the Office on North Main Street between the hours of 8:30 am - 4:00 pm weekdays or in the donation box located at the North Main Table in the lobby at CR9.  Please call Marsha Snare at 419-423-5947 Ext. 301 before donating any large items.    

Gateway North Main FAQ

1. Who will lead the North Main campus?

The campus pastor will be Mike Barnhart. He will provide day-to-day leadership at the North Main campus. Additionally, there are several elders who have made a commitment to get involved at Gateway’s North Main campus, including Matt Heft, Jay Kiesel, Nate Ratnasamy, and Andrew Yates. Laura Fagan has agreed to shift over this summer to become the Kidway director at North Main. Bill Corbin will continue as the college director, which will be based out of North Main. Austin Wilson will be the Worship Leader.

2. What ministries will be available at the North Main?

North Main is a satellite campus of Gateway Church, so it is expected that Gateway’s essential, core ministries will be available to those who participate at each location. These ministries include weekly worship services, Life Groups, serving opportunities, outreach opportunities, Kidway, and youth ministry. Additionally, North Main will do baptisms, child dedications, and membership classes, similar to how they have been done at Gateway’s CR9 location. It’s also important to realize that North Main has its own unique ministry context, and it is a smaller church location, so some ministries may look a little different.

3. Who will preach at North Main?

Our teaching pastors will continue to teach weekly sermons (live at Saturday services; via video at Sunday services). Mike, as the campus pastor, will teach sermons a few times each year, and this will be live teaching (at Saturday and Sunday services).

4. What will worship be like at North Main?

Although North Main offers its own unique context, the worship experience will, in many ways, mirror that of the CR9 campus. We’re committed to providing a modern and biblical worship experience that centers on Christ. We’ll have the same flow of service and solid biblical teaching. We’ll sing the same songs you’ve gotten used to singing and see a lot of familiar faces, as well as new faces from the surrounding community.

5. At what times will the weekly worship services take place?

Weekly service times will be Saturdays at 6:00 p.m. and Sundays at 9:15 & 11:00 a.m.

6. What will Kidway look like at North Main?

Kidway at North Main will look very similar to Kidway at CR9. We’ll offer Kidway for infants through 5th grade during Sunday worship services, with the same curriculum and safety procedures at both locations. Kids will experience the same excellent care and ministry quality they have gotten accustomed to at CR9.

7. What will youth ministry look like at North Main?

Just like at CR9, we’re committed to partnering with parents through their kids’ teen years. The youth ministry at North Main will be taught with the same curriculum as at CR9. Students will worship, connect, serve, and go.

8. What will be the outreach focus at North Main?

North Main will have a three-fold outreach focus: College students, local schools, and local neighborhoods.

9. Can I still go on Gateway mission trips?

Yes! Gateway mission trips will be made available to those attending either campus (CR9 or N. Main).

10. What are some of the differences between a satellite location and a church plant?

A church plant functions as an autonomous church, with its own unique vision and mission, pastor, elders, staff, budget, and full-functioning congregation. A church satellite is simply a distinct location of a multi-site church. Satellite churches function as an extension of the sending church location in a unique ministry context with the purpose of reaching others for Christ, under the same vision and mission.

11. Will there be elders at both—CR9 and North Main—locations?

Some elders will worship at CR9, while others will worship at North Main. However, Gateway’s elders will form one, unified Session that continues to meet regularly to represent the mind of Christ for the congregation.

12. Can I stay in my current Life Group, even if others in the group want to worship at a different Gateway campus?

Absolutely, yes! It’s important—for you and your Life Group—that you stay connected to those with whom you offer and receive encouragement. However, if you would like to join a campus-specific Life Group, you may.

13. How will the budget work at two locations?

Because this is a satellite location, Gateway will keep one general budget that covers all of its campuses. Each campus will contribute its offerings to the one budget. Over time, we would like to see the North Main campus offerings sufficiently cover general operating expenses at the campus. Ultimately, the hope would be that the North Main campus would be able to help fund a new Gateway satellite campus (in a new location) in the future.

14. Will there be a cafe at North Main?

Yes. The cafe will be located in the south side of the North Main worship center. Due to the building’s design and our desire to effectively steward funds, we decided to try this unique location for the cafe. The cafe will offer alternative seating for worship services, and refreshments will be served before and after services.

15. Can someone attend both campuses?

Although it would prove beneficial for community-building that people choose one campus at which to participate, people may attend either of Gateway’s campuses (CR9 or North Main).

16. What will college ministry look like at North Main?

Given North Main’s distinct location near the University of Findlay campus, college ministry is extremely significant. Our desire is to see college students assimilate into the everyday life of Gateway at the North Main campus by worshiping, connecting, serving, going, and stepping up into various leadership roles. College students are a necessary part of our church.

May Update

Gateway’s North Main campus has been under construction since March.

Before you know it, the basement will be filled with vibrant colors and a welcoming atmosphere. There will be casual seating areas for college students to study or Life Groups to gather. The kitchen will be stocked and ready to host meals for Celebrate Recovery, college dinners, and community outreaches. The main space will be primed to welcome elementary-aged kids to Kidway and teens to the youth group.


Upstairs in the sanctuary, the pews have been temporarily moved aside to greet a fresh coat of paint, new carpet, and a rebuilt stage. The sound system and lights are on their way! Not to mention the brand new cafe that will be added to the south side of the worship center, which will serve Fort Findlay’s Gateway Blend coffee between services, beginning on the August 27 launch date.

Nursery and preschool rooms are getting a face-lift with fresh paint, carpet, and ceiling tiles. They’ll be stocked with all the Kidway essentials--don’t forget the Cheerios! Although a lot has already happened, there is much more to come. And you can help!

Here are several ways you can connect with Gateway’s plans for North Main:

1. Join the North Main Launch Team - Make a one-year commitment to worship and serve at Gateway’s North Main campus. Check out Gateway’s website for more info: Join Launch Team!

2. Hand Out Door-Hanger Invitation - Walk the neighborhoods surrounding North Main to invite our new neighbors to a Memorial Day Cookout at North Main. Door-hanger invitations will be provided. We’ll meet at North Main at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 17.

3. Will You Worship at North Main in the Fall? - Would you be willing to try worshiping at North Main this fall? If so, please let me know ( We’d love to have you!

4. Questions? Ask Away! - This is a new season for Gateway, and we want you to be as informed as possible. If you have any questions at all, please share them with me. I’ll do my best to answer whatever questions you may have.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Mike Barnhart
Campus Pastor
Gateway Church

April Update

North Main Campus Update

Tentative Launch Date: Sunday, August 27

Summer Outreaches:

May 29 - Memorial Day Cookout
June 10 - Serve the City Day
July 7 - Movie Night at North Main
July 29 - Pool Day at Riverside
August 6 - Preview Service Brunch
August 13 - Preview Service Brunch

Opportunities to Get Involved:

  • Join the North Main Launch Team - Commit to participating in North Main ministries for the first year (until August 2018).
  • Serve at a Summer Outreach - If you’re not ready to make a commitment to GO to North Main for the first year as a member of the launch team, this is a great way to get involved!
  • Learn more about joining the North Main launch team or serving at summer outreaches by picking up an information packet in the lobby today or at one of Gateway’s campus offices.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Serving Jesus With You,

Mike Barnhart
Campus Pastor
North Main Campus, Gateway Church, 419-423-5947


Will You Join the Launch Team?

Will you join the North Main campus launch team? To learn more, check out the information booklet or contact Mike Barnhart. To commit to the launch team, fill out the online form, or print & return the Launch Team Commitment Form to the church office (9555 CR 9, Findlay, OH, 45840).

January 23 Update

Thank you for your support of Gateway’s North Main campus. As you may have seen in the most recent video update, Dick Schrock is working hard to facilitate the execution of the renovation plans at N. Main. Although we do not have an official completion date identified yet, we are trusting God that we will be able to launch weekly worship services at N. Main by August or September.

As we move forward toward launching Gateway N. Main as a fully operational campus, there will be more opportunities for you to get involved. Projects such as painting, light construction projects, or community outreaches are on the horizon.

Currently, there are three primary ways you can get involved at Gateway’s N. Main campus:
1. CELEBRATE RECOVERY - provide meals on Mondays; attend or invite someone to attend; and, pray for the ministry. Contact Jon Campbell (
2. COLLEGE MINISTRY - Serve at Thursday Night Dinners or connect with students at The Gathering (Tuesdays). Contact Bill Corbin (
3. PRAYER - Join us for early morning prayer on Wednesdays (6:30-7:30 a.m.). This is a time when the N. Main sanctuary is open for prayer. We are also continuing our monthly prayer gatherings at Gateway’s North Main campus. At each of the monthly gatherings, we will be applying one of the four parts of the ACTS prayer model that we have been learning about on Sunday mornings. You’re invited to join us at any or all of the prayer gatherings. You may even want to consider asking your Life Group to attend together.

Contact Mike Barnhart (
Here is a list of the upcoming monthly North Main prayer gatherings:
January 29, 6:00 p.m. - Adoration
February 26, 6:00 p.m. - Confession
March 26, 6:00 p.m. - Thanksgiving
April 30, 6:00 p.m. - Supplication

January 11 Update

Hi Gateway,

Plans are progressing at Gateway’s North Main Campus, and we are tentatively targeting a Fall (sometime between August-October) worship service launch date. A large part of determining the worship service launch date will be dependent upon necessary facility renovations. These facility renovations are being managed by Dick Schrock, who has been part of the Gateway family for a number of years. The following video will introduce you to Dick and provide a brief update regarding where we are at with these renovations.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

God Bless,

Mike Barnhart
North Main Campus Pastor