Gateway North Main FAQ

1. Who will lead the North Main campus?

The campus pastor will be Mike Barnhart. He will provide day-to-day leadership at the North Main campus. Additionally, there are several elders who have made a commitment to get involved at Gateway’s North Main campus, including Matt Heft, Jay Kiesel, Nate Ratnasamy, and Andrew Yates. Laura Fagan has agreed to shift over this summer to become the Kidway director at North Main. Bill Corbin will continue as the college director, which will be based out of North Main. Austin Wilson will be the Worship Leader.

2. What ministries will be available at the North Main?

North Main is a satellite campus of Gateway Church, so it is expected that Gateway’s essential, core ministries will be available to those who participate at each location. These ministries include weekly worship services, Life Groups, serving opportunities, outreach opportunities, Kidway, and youth ministry. Additionally, North Main will do baptisms, child dedications, and membership classes, similar to how they have been done at Gateway’s CR9 location. It’s also important to realize that North Main has its own unique ministry context, and it is a smaller church location, so some ministries may look a little different.

3. Who will preach at North Main?

Our teaching pastors will continue to teach weekly sermons (live at Saturday services; via video at Sunday services). Mike, as the campus pastor, will teach sermons a few times each year, and this will be live teaching (at Saturday and Sunday services).

4. What will worship be like at North Main?

Although North Main offers its own unique context, the worship experience will, in many ways, mirror that of the CR9 campus. We’re committed to providing a modern and biblical worship experience that centers on Christ. We’ll have the same flow of service and solid biblical teaching. We’ll sing the same songs you’ve gotten used to singing and see a lot of familiar faces, as well as new faces from the surrounding community.

5. At what times will the weekly worship services take place?

Weekly service times will be Saturdays at 6:00 p.m. and Sundays at 9:15 & 11:00 a.m.

6. What will Kidway look like at North Main?

Kidway at North Main will look very similar to Kidway at CR9. We’ll offer Kidway for infants through 5th grade during Sunday worship services, with the same curriculum and safety procedures at both locations. Kids will experience the same excellent care and ministry quality they have gotten accustomed to at CR9.

7. What will youth ministry look like at North Main?

Just like at CR9, we’re committed to partnering with parents through their kids’ teen years. The youth ministry at North Main will be taught with the same curriculum as at CR9. Students will worship, connect, serve, and go.

8. What will be the outreach focus at North Main?

North Main will have a three-fold outreach focus: College students, local schools, and local neighborhoods.

9. Can I still go on Gateway mission trips?

Yes! Gateway mission trips will be made available to those attending either campus (CR9 or N. Main).

10. What are some of the differences between a satellite location and a church plant?

A church plant functions as an autonomous church, with its own unique vision and mission, pastor, elders, staff, budget, and full-functioning congregation. A church satellite is simply a distinct location of a multi-site church. Satellite churches function as an extension of the sending church location in a unique ministry context with the purpose of reaching others for Christ, under the same vision and mission.

11. Will there be elders at both—CR9 and North Main—locations?

Some elders will worship at CR9, while others will worship at North Main. However, Gateway’s elders will form one, unified Session that continues to meet regularly to represent the mind of Christ for the congregation.

12. Can I stay in my current Life Group, even if others in the group want to worship at a different Gateway campus?

Absolutely, yes! It’s important—for you and your Life Group—that you stay connected to those with whom you offer and receive encouragement. However, if you would like to join a campus-specific Life Group, you may.

13. How will the budget work at two locations?

Because this is a satellite location, Gateway will keep one general budget that covers all of its campuses. Each campus will contribute its offerings to the one budget. Over time, we would like to see the North Main campus offerings sufficiently cover general operating expenses at the campus. Ultimately, the hope would be that the North Main campus would be able to help fund a new Gateway satellite campus (in a new location) in the future.

14. Will there be a cafe at North Main?

Yes. The cafe will be located in the south side of the North Main worship center. Due to the building’s design and our desire to effectively steward funds, we decided to try this unique location for the cafe. The cafe will offer alternative seating for worship services, and refreshments will be served before and after services.

15. Can someone attend both campuses?

Although it would prove beneficial for community-building that people choose one campus at which to participate, people may attend either of Gateway’s campuses (CR9 or North Main).

16. What will college ministry look like at North Main?

Given North Main’s distinct location near the University of Findlay campus, college ministry is extremely significant. Our desire is to see college students assimilate into the everyday life of Gateway at the North Main campus by worshiping, connecting, serving, going, and stepping up into various leadership roles. College students are a necessary part of our church.