Donation List


Building toys (mega blocks, duplos, legos) - can be lightly used
Small plastic animals (zoo, jungle, barnyard, etc.) - approx. 4”-8”
Play food
Toy dishes
Toy tea set
1 piece kitchen set (can be lightly used)
Fisher Price Little People Noah’s Ark (approx $30)
Fisher Price Little People Surprise and Sounds Home (approx $40)
Fisher Price LIttle People Mighty Kings Castle (approx. $35)
Bristle Blocks (can be lightly used)
Hand puppets
Nesting dolls
Child instruments (i.e. maracas, xylophones, tambourines, cymbals, etc.
Play-doh tools (can be lightly used)
Beads & Pattern Card Set by Learning Resources (can be found on Amazon for $18)
Puzzles with knobs or pegs (for little hands)
Puzzles (wooden or board - for preschoolers)
Wooden alphabet blocks
Train table (can be lightly used)
Cars (for toddlers - larger than hotwheels)


Gas Grill
Gift Cards -- Walmart, Lowes


Saran Wrap
Sandwich Bags
Reynolds Wrap
Baggies (any size)
Plastic Ware
Paper Plates
Paper/Plastic Cup
Paper Napkins


6 Coffee Tables (preferably round but any shape will be accepted)
25 Bean Bag Chairs


Donations can be dropped off at the Office on North Main Street between the hours of 8:30 am - 4:00 pm weekdays or in the donation box located at the North Main Table in the lobby at CR9.  Please call Marsha Snare at 419-423-5947 Ext. 301 before donating any large items.