Sew Quilt Share, an outreach ministry of Gateway Church, is hosting its annual Pad Palooza event.  Join us for a day of fun and fellowship as we cut and sew reusable cloth feminine pads to support Mission Possible and school girls in Haiti.

Pad Palooza Slide.png

September 7, 2019
9:30am - 4:00pm
Gateway Church
County Road 9 Campus
9555 CR 9 Findlay

Lunch will be provided.

Check out Sew Quilt Share's Facebook page to learn more about this ministry.


Community event open to anyone with a heart to sew for those in need. (Age 16+, please)


Free! Pre-registration required.


All supplies including fabric, sewing instructions, irons, ironing boards, extension cords, and tables will be provided. If you wish to donate fabric or supplies to this event, please refer to the FAQ below for suggestions.

What to bring with you: 

If you plan to sew, please bring:

  • Machine - in good working order

  • Sewing Machine Manual

  • Standard Straight Stitch Foot

  • Zig Zag Foot

  • Overlock Foot (if you have one)

  • Even Feed Foot (if you have one)

  • Pink thread, seam ripper, scissors

If you plan to cut fabric, please bring:

  • Sharp fabric scissors



Q: Why are you making cloth feminine pads?
Female students in many third world countries miss a week of school each month because they lack access to feminine hygiene products. Handmade cloth feminine pads that are both washable and reusable, provide girls with dignity to stay in school. A quality education is one of the few hopes these girls have to rise above extreme poverty.

Q: Where do the pads end up and how are they given to students?
Sew Quilt Share partners with other faith-based organizations to provide feminine hygiene kits for students in third world countries. The Gospel is shared through a series of educational classes, where students learn the importance of feminine hygiene and how to care for the cloth pads. 

Q: How many girls are impacted by this program?
Last year, 524 students in Haiti received feminine hygiene kits. A representative from Mission Possible will be on hand to share photos and personal testimonies of how this program is blessing students in the rural areas of Haiti.

Q: This sounds interesting! What is the cost for this event?
There is no fee to attend. All supplies including the fabric, pattern, and sewing instructions will be provided the day of the event.

Q: If the event is free, why do I need to preregister?
Tables and extension cords need to be set up in advance. We want to have a place prepared just for you.

Q: My sewing machine is heavy. How will I get it into the church? Participants are encouraged to stop under the carport at the front of the building, where you will be warmly greeted by a volunteer who will unload your sewing machine.

Q: I don’t know how to sew. Is there a way I can help?
Volunteers are needed to cut, iron, pin and trace patterns. Non-sewers are encouraged to bring a sharp pair of fabric scissors. 

Q: I would like to donate something. Is there anything I can bring?
There is a need for size 12-14 Hipster style underwear. 

Q: I would like to sew pads but I am not able to attend the event. What can I do to help?
If you would like to sew pads on your own, the pattern and sewing instructions can be downloaded here. Please drop off completed pads to the Gateway Church County Road 9 campus.