Don't Waste Your Summer

Vs 46 says they were with one mind in the temple. What temple? I thought they gathered in homes, as in house churches. What church leaders at the time would allow Christians to worship in their temples of Judaism?

The early Christians didn't think of themselves as "Christians" in the sense that we do. They saw themselves as Jews whose Messiah had come. They were Jews who had experienced the fulfillment of God's promised Savior. So they continued worshipping in the Jewish Temple on the Sabbath. In addition, they gathered in homes, as you mentioned. But the hoe groups didn't replace the corporate worship that took place in the Temple.

With the recent attack on Orlando, what is Gateway doing to show God's love to the LGBT community? Is it wrong to want to support and love them? If so, why?

Pastor Ben preached a sermon that may be helpful in answering your questions during out #TrendingNow series. Here's a link to his sermon: