Families Love God Together

What version of Bible is most used for service Sunday morning?

The ESV (English Standard Version) and NIV (New International Version) are two versions of the Bible that are used on Sunday mornings at Gateway. Another great version is the HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible), but we do not tend to use it on Sundays.

How does baptism work at Gateway?

Baptism is a continuation of God’s covenant with his people, which is expressed as a sign and a seal of the covenant. If a child’s parents are Christ-followers and members of Gateway, they may request to have their child baptized. Also, those of any age who profess faith in Christ are encouraged to be baptized. Baptisms generally take place a couple times each year on Sunday mornings at Gateway. People who would like to be baptized can contact the church office (419-423-5947) or sign up for the next baptism class (TBA).