We Will Serve the Lord

Do you believe that in our current day in this country that some of the things that are happening are a result of our disobedience and as a country, us collectively turning our backs on God?

Two things. I (Josh) wouldn’t be quick to connect our country, the USA, with a special relationship with God. So the morality and ethical demise of our nation and the consequences we will experience isn’t because our nation has turned its back on God. Our situation is simply a result of what happens when people rebel against God (nation or not).

Now the second I want to mention is something the Bible often refers to, but rarely do we Christians like to think about: Often God brings punishment upon a nation not because of the sin of unbelievers, but because of the sin of believers in that nation. Just like in the first two chapters of Judges, Israel’s disobedience is what led to their punishment. They didn’t obey the Lord and instead tried to live half-heartedly for Him, which resulted in severe consequences.

So...might what we’re experiencing in our nation be more because of our (Christians) half-hearted faith than the disobedience of our nation as a whole? It’s easy to blame others for our demise, but what if we took a long hard look in the mirror? If our nation is going spiritually dark, maybe it’s because we Christians have hidden our light under a basket instead of letting it shine brightly. If our nation is losing its spiritual saltiness, maybe it’s because we Christians have stopped being salt to the world. If our nation is losing its moral compass, maybe it’s because we Christians have lost our moral bearings.

It’s hard to blame unbelievers for living as unbelievers and turning their backs on God. But what’s not hard, is to look to ourselves (Christians) and question whether we’ve been really living as followers of Christ or if what we’re experiencing as a nation is because we’ve turned our backs on God.  

What kinds of gods did the Canaanites serve? How similar are those gods to some of the idols we have now?

It’s hard to know all of the gods that the Canaanites worshipped. The head god was “El,” who was considered the “father of man.” Other gods (and goddesses) include Hadad, Asherah, Ashtaroth, and Anath. These were gods of things like sex, war, and weather as they were an agricultural society.

So common idols between us and them would be sex, power (war), prosperity (praying to gods so their crops would be abundant), etc...Something quite fascinating, as it exposes the sinful nature of the human condition, is how these same idols appear in nearly all cultures in all time periods.