Citizenship in Heaven

I feel God measures a church not so much by what happens in its four walls but by the impact it makes in the local community. At the end of the day, we need to ask the question, would we be missed if we were gone? Can you tell me what Gateway is doing with its GO campaign?

Acts 2.42-47 is one of the best portraits of what a church should look like -inside and outside.  What you see is a church that makes a difference for God in its four walls and in the community.  Our worship gatherings, teaching of the Word, training disciples, praying together, biblical counseling etc. is the inside work that God uses in changing lives.And Gateway works hard to please God with our inside ministry.  Sometimes, however, a church can forget the “go” side of being the church.  So Gateway has tried to have a vital “outside the four walls” impact. The dedication of 350,000 dollars to missions is one big step in that direction - that’s money that supports Gospel- based missions locally and all across the world.

You can also see that commitment in our many mission trips, Celebrate Recovery, a huge college work and our plans for our North Main campus that will touch the lives of a whole new community. Additionally, we are attempting to do all things with our mission to “connect people to Jesus Christ and to one another.”

I am not new. So how do I buy Danville’s reggae gospel cd?

You should be able to purchase one this Sunday at the Connection area.