That They Should Set Their Hope in God

What does it look like to set your hope in God?

According to Psalm 78:7, setting your hope in God consists of knowing His works and keeping His commandments. Both ot these steps are heart-felt. When you truly know God’s saving work your heart melts. And when you keep His commandments because He first loved you, your obedience flows from a grateful heart.

Were the Psalms written before Jesus was born? Psalm 78 seems to be a foretelling for the people of Israel. Israel continues to rebel against God.

The Psalms were written hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus, and although there are prophetic elements in the psalms, Psalm 78 is a fairly straightforward narrative of what had already happened.  But it is also a picture of our story - rebellion and God’s grace.

If Gateway is a biblical church why do we disregard God's law by not worshipping on the Sabbath (Saturday?)

The early church made the change from the seventh to the the first day for worship because it was the day that the Lord Jesus rose from the dead.  The seventh day marked the completion of God’s work in the first creation (Genesis 2.1-3). The first day of the week marked the victory of the new creation with the resurrection of Jesus (Mt. 28.1, Mark 16.2, Luke 24.1, John 20.1).  For further study you may want to read D.A. Carson “From Sabbath To The Lord’s Day: A Biblical, Historical And Theological Investigation.”