We Are Generous - II Corinthians 8 & 9

Awhile back, Pastor Ben had us all who was able to get on our knees for a prayer, my heart says this needs to be done more often, and I should address it to our church. My question is, Why don't we as a church, do this more often, it will not hurt us in any way, but may help us in more ways than we could imagine... Jesus died a very painful death for us, and I feel that we as a church should bow down for that more often than we do.

Excellent suggestion and observation.  We will do it again - stay tuned.

Should I give to every great Christian cause that sends me a desperate request in the mail? My giving to Christian causes multiplies the requests and the mailing lists I am on.

No. If you gave to every request you would have nothing to give or live on. First priority is tithing to the local church, then pray about any other requests.  And pray well informed, asking a lot of questions about who you are giving to, how the money is spent, how the individual or organization is managed etc. If you are still not sure what to do, call us and we may know something about the people who are making the request.