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Series Overview

This series will cover large sections of scripture from the Book of Acts, chapters 5-12. The series outline is a follows:

Week 1
May 5
Faithful vs Unfaithful - Acts 4:32-5:1-11 (ESV)

Week 2
May 12
Persecuted - Acts 5:12-42 (ESV)

Week 3
May 19
Who Does What? - Acts 6:1-7

Week 4
May 26
Dying for Jesus - Acts 6:8-8:3

Week 5
June 2
The Gospel is for Everyone pt 1: Samaritans - Acts 8:4-40

Week 6
June 9
The Gospel is for Everyone pt 2: Jews - Acts 9:1-31

Week 7
June 16
The Gospel is for Everyone pt 3: Gentiles - Acts 9:32-11:18

Week 8
June 23
Death, Rescue, Death - Acts 11:19-12:25


Series Title

The series title was derived from our discovery meeting with Pastor Josh. During our discussion, Josh mentioned a quote from a book the elders are presently reading that relates to this sermon series which essentially says:


A tension is created between two forces, each acting against each other, however, in this case, the forces are not equivalent. The efforts of the enemy to thwart or stem the advancement of the Gospel will not prevail. The power of the Gospel is far greater than any effort mounted against it. This is represented first in the title text graphic. A bold typeface was used and the type was compressed to give the impression that a force was acting against it. However, the weight of the type itself demonstrates that it is still strong enough to withstand the force acting against it and maintain its clarity and integrity.

Series Identity

Continuing with the idea of two forces acting against one another, the visual of two arrows pointing in opposite directions is utilized. In this application, the white arrow represents the gospel while the red represents the enemy. The viewer can easily determine that the arrow if light is larger and continues to push back and advance against the red arrow.

The finally artwork incorporates the title in a fading descent. Since we read in a top-down manner, this represents the concept that further we read, the resistance against the gospel’s advance fades.


Video Bumper Treatment

The general concept for the video bumper will simply incorporate the main artwork. As the camera slowly pulls back to reveal more of the background, the arrows slowly enter the frame at the same time and eventually meet in the middle where the white arrow slowly begins to push the red arrow and continue to advance forward. As this occurs, the stacked title fades in one by one until all 5 are illuminated. The video culminates with the last full “Resistance” title in the middle filling in.