Are you willing and hungry to serve? 

We all have been given gifts by God to use for this purpose. We can help you figure out what those are and how best to use them. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an outgoing, energetic personality or you prefer to do things ‘behind the scenes’ out of the public eye; we can help get you plugged in. If you would like to serve and aren't exactly sure where or how you should be serving, take the spiritual gifts assessment to discover your gifts! 

We have opportunities in the following areas:


Kidway Children’s Ministry – Multiple, varied opportunities can be found by clicking here.
Contact Becca Green(CR9) or Emily Bingley(NMain)

Chair Ministry - Pre-service setup of Kidway worship center on Sundays and special services if necessary. Also assist in new facility worship center chairback supply restocking.
Contact Terry Jolliff


College Ministry – Many varied areas; a passion for working with college students is essential.
Contact Bill Corbin

Thursday Night Dinner Meals - Sign up to provide food for Thursday dinners. More details are on the website. Sign in with Calendar ID: 254082  and the Security code: 4688 to access the Engage Ministry Meal Callendar.


Greeter – Warmly greet and assist every person, especially first-time visitors to Gateway.
Contact Adrienne Kozlesky(CR9) or Kevin Goeller(NMain)

What’s Next Information Station – Be a warm, welcoming presence and address questions/requests for information.
Contact Adrienne Kozlesky(CR9) or Kevin Goeller(NMain)

Sunday Morning Prayer Team – Be available to pray for people, in-service, during closing songs.
Contact Adrienne Kozlesky(CR9) or Kevin Goeller(NMain)

Usher – Joyfully shepherd attendees, assist with offering and address in-service needs.
Contact Joe Middleton(CR9) or Kevin Goeller(NMain)

Café Server – Facilitate, serve and maintain snacks and beverages on-site, Sunday morning.
Contact Jen Below(CR9) or Kevin Goeller(NMain)

Parking Lot Attendant – Ensure safe traffic flow and convenient parking for those attending services.
Contact Harlan Hoy(CR9) or Kevin Goeller(NMain)


Musicians - Looking for drummers, electric guitarists, bassists and keyboard players.
Contact Shaun Meloy

Production Technology Team - Be a part of preaching the Gospel from behind the scenes. If you are interested in serving on either the audio, video or lighting team.
Contact Mike Norman


Safety & Security Teams – Provide security and medical coverage Sunday mornings in particular and other Gateway functions as requested.
Matt Kinsinger(CR9) or Kevin Goeller(NMain)



Seasonal/Special Project assistance based upon skill/trade and need/availability.
Contact Joe Middleton


Hospitality Team-Meal Preparation – Prepare and deliver meals for those in the Gateway family in need, due to new babies, illness or recuperation.
Contact Matt Buttermore