Engage - Biggest Ever - Canoe Trip

On Sunday, August 23, Engage College Ministry set off to go on our annual canoe trip in Tiffin at Ridgway Canoe Livery. It was a pleasant Sunday service beforehand, and we had been inviting students to come with us all week. But what actually happened we would have never expected. We planned on bringing 26 students on the trip, and 41 showed up! We called the canoe livery and informed them of our sudden, almost doubling, group. They made it work for us, and also told us that we were their biggest group of all time! It was a great afternoon down the Sandusky River. We also had the opportunity to bring along 15 international students from a variety of places including India, Japan, and Nepal. Most of them had never canoed before and had a blast. It was a wonderful trip enjoyed by all!