Engage College Ministry Happenings

I wanted to take a moment to highlight our Jubilee Launch party! The Jubilee Conference is an annual conference for college students where they learn how Jesus impacts and transforms every area of life, from their friends and family, to their studies, to the food they eat. It’s a weekend long conference where 4000 students gather for worship and learning through big main sessions as well as smaller breakout sessions. The registrations opened in October and we threw a party to celebrate as well as to get people signed up! It was a wonderful time full of laughs, food, and music. By the end of the night, we had 27 people signed up for the conference so far! Our goal is to fill a charter bus which would be 50 people! We are excited to see what God will do through Jubilee in our student’s lives.

So far this year we have been having great success with our weekly events. On average, we have had 65 students come on Sunday mornings to worship with everyone. At the Gathering, we have been teaching on the Prophets this semester and how God used the prophets to radically change and inform the Israelites. Our Life Groups have been incredibly fruitful as well. The students are teaching on a variety of topics including Mark, Acts, Chronicles, Hebrews, and much more. We have also been hosting our weekly Thursday Night dinner that has also been going well, we even put in a mini kitchen at North Main so that we can continue this ministry!