New Service Times

Starting Easter we are beginning new starting times for all three services;  8:30-10:00-11:30.  

As God has continued to bless Gateway church, we have seen more and more people connecting to God and others and we are feeling the pressure of space and time between all three services. Our passion is to see people not only connect deeply with God at Gateway, but to connect with others. By adjusting our starting times we will be able to better facilitate our time to spend connecting with each other.

Currently, the tight time frame makes the logistics of getting in and out of the parking lot and in and out of the Worship Center hectic and not conducive to spending time with friends and visitors. We do not want anyone to feel rushed and giving ourselves a time cushion(without lengthening the service time) will continue helping us in “making room for others”! 

Thank you for being a part of what God is doing at Gateway, and be praying about who you can “invest and invite” to church with you this Easter season!