Women's Resource Blankets/Sew Quilt Share

The Sew*Quilt*Share group from Gateway Church has blessed WRC with more than 200 quilts in the past couple of years, and today I got to receive 25 more. The women in this group use their talents to provide handmade blankets for our young families, and we are so grateful!


I was able to thank the handcrafters for their truly beautiful creations at Gateway today and tell them that we use the quilts for three purposes: To connect an unsure woman to the baby she is carrying and celebrate the conception (even if unplanned), to congratulate a client on completing several months of Bible study or a parenting video series, and to give away as other opportunities arise (yesterday we helped a 22-year-old woman with invasive cancer choose a blanket as she starts chemo treatments).

Since our mission includes sharing the truth and love of Christ with all who enter our doors, the Sew*Quilt*Share group, co-led by Mary Claire Petro, Sandra Tietje, and Sue Briggs, is a wonderful partner. The gift of a beautiful blanket supports our goal of offering practical, emotional, and spiritual support to all we serve.


The verse that motivates Sew*Quilt*Share says: “She opens her hand to the poor and reaches out her hand to the needy” (Proverbs 31:20). We at Women’s Resource Center are grateful that we get to impact our community together.

Laurie Turnow, Executive Director WRC