Why Family Go & Serve?


Last year our Kidway ministry kicked off a new program called “Family Go & Serve.” The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for kids to begin serving within the church as well as to begin instilling within them the importance of going into the world with the Gospel. Each month throughout the school year, families are invited to come together to participate in a project that either serves our local church body, our community or even other communities around the world. If you have ever wondered if you should join us for a Go & Serve event but just haven’t tried it out yet, here are three great reasons to check it out…

  1. Kids and parents participate together. For several decades now, many families have looked to the church to evangelize and disciple their kids. Yet if we locked ourselves in a room with only the Bible and asked “God, how do you want young people to be evangelized and discipled?," we would find that God intended parents to be the primary spiritual trainers of their kids, not church programming. Much can be said on this subject (in fact there are whole books written about this!), but as a ministry, we have a conviction that our role is to help equip parents as they disciple their children. Kids who see their parents serving and going, or better yet, serve and go WITH their parents, are much more likely to grow up continuing to serve and go as teens and adults. Go & Serve events give parents an open door to begin important spiritual conversations with their kids as well as model for them two important values of serving and going.
  2. Meet & connect with other families. One struggle in a church Gateway’s size is helping people feel connected to one another. We often hear that people feel connected to those in their Life Group, but do not feel that they know anyone outside that group. Go & Serve nights are great opportunities to make connections with other people outside those you already know, as well as opportunities for kids to have fun and connect with their peers.
  3. Multiple generations serving together. A common misconception about Go & Serve nights is that they are only for families with children. Even though Kidway sponsors Family Go & Serve, anyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. In addition to teaching us that parents are to be the spiritual disciplers of their children, the Bible also tells us that older men and older women are to be examples and mentors to the younger generations of what it means to be a Christ-follower. Something beautiful happens when multiple generations come together to serve and go, and we love having people of all ages participate in our projects.

Our next Go & Serve opportunity will be on Tuesday, October 24, at Findlay’s Halloween Parade. We will be walking with Gateway’s float and handing out invitation cards for our N. Main campus’ Trunk-or-Treat. Kidway staff will be awarding prizes for the most creative (non-scary) costumes in four different age categories (birth - adult) as well as a prize for the best family/group costumes. This event is open to anyone from either campus (children 5th grade and younger must be accompanied by an adult), and all of the important details can be found online. (Check out the calendar on the Events page and click on “Family Go & Serve.)  We hope to see you there or at one of our other upcoming Go & Serve nights!