Trusting Jesus

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Whether it’s natural disasters, civil unrest, stress at work or the gauntlet of parenting, there are so many things that feel out of control. I just feel so helpless at times, and my heart wants to grab hold of the reins and control something...anything. Why is that? Well, at its very core, it’s the moment I stop believing God is who He says He is and it shows up in my (Mike's) life as anxiety and behavior that wants so desperately to have control.

I read this prayer today from Scotty Smith, a pastor I used to sit under when I lived in Nashville, and it spoke right to this very issue. I pray that you read his blog post from this morning and make it your prayer today. 

“Nevertheless, our fears flare up, our worries persist, and our burdens bother us. So, we run to you today, confident of your welcome and resting in your love. Please help us with the things (and people) we’d love to control, but can’t. It’s not so much that we’re anxious to add a single hour to our lives; it’s more that we don’t want unnecessary suffering--for ourselves or anyone else.”

Want to read more?  Check out the entire post: "Trusting Jesus With Things We Can't Control" by Scotty Smith

Sing these songs this week in preparation for Sunday:
Nothing But The Blood- Hymn
His Mercy is More- Matt Papa
All I Have Is Christ- Sovereign Grace
O Praise The Name- Hillsong