11/12/2017 Q&A Count Your Days


Are the Christmas Eve service times posted yet?

The service times are not posted yet. We will be announcing the times on the weekend of Nov 25/26. With Christmas Eve being on a Sunday, know that we will be having services at all of our regularly scheduled worship times at both campuses. More details will be coming soon.


Where have the attendance and giving numbers gone that used to be on the bulletin each week? I really appreciated seeing how things were going on a bigger scale.

Great question. With figuring things out with two campuses, we realized that its a little more difficult to get the numbers together each week and in before the next week's bulletin needs to be printed. For now, we have opted to provide a quarterly report that you can pick up at the What's Next Wall or you can find it on the Giving page of our website.  The great thing about this is we are able to include a lot more detail and context like comparisons to the past year and trends for the entire quarter.