Messy Blessings

The holidays are now upon us! Some of you just squealed with delight, and others were ready to find the closest dark hole to sink into. This season is a wonderful time to gather together, to be thankful and to celebrate the greatest gift of all, Jesus. No matter how you say it - a time to gather, to fellowship, to be in community, to come together - it still means we were built for relationships, and we need each other. Yet, sometimes we let the messiness of life take over, and we get lost in the distractions and the tasks before us.

Your Life Group isn’t one more thing on your exhausted to-do list. It can be the secret ingredient for making the season better, richer, and much sweeter. In many ways, it’s the Holiday Support Group we all need, holding us accountable to keep Jesus at the center of the season and at the center of our families and friendships. No matter if it’s our family or our Life Group family, we all want to know we are loved, even amidst the messiness of our own lives. So let’s be thankful, thankful for the messy, and most importantly, the grace that God extends to us.