11/5/2017 Q&A God Will Not Abandon You


Why do we preach out of different versions of the Bible? Usually I see the NIV version being used. I have seen Josh use the NLT once in the past and today he used the ESV.  What is the standard Bible translation for Gateway?

Gateway doesn't have a standard version of the Bible that it uses. Pastor Josh usually preaches from the ESV (probably 95% of the time). Pastor Ben has tended to use the NIV1984 (which is out of print), but has used the Message and ESV versions, as well, in his sermons. Different English translations help us to better understand what was being said in the original languages. So during a sermon, you may find us using multiple translations in order to help you better understand what the Scripture is saying to us. 

A couple of final thoughts:

  • We always put the verses on the screen, so even when we use multiple translations you can follow along with us.
  • Many people use our Gateway app or a digital Bible, which makes it easy to switch between translations.
  • If you like to bring a printed Bible with you to church, get one in the English Standard Version as this will be used most often by Pastor Josh.