Q&A 12/3/2017


Why isn't the total attendance marked on the bulletin?

Great question. With figuring things out with two campuses, we realized that it's a little more difficult to get the numbers together each week and in before the next week's bulletin needs to be printed. When we first launched North Main Pastor Ben opted to provide a quarterly report that you can pick up at the What's Next Wall or you can find it on the Giving page of our website. The great thing about this is we are able to include a lot more detail and context like comparisons to the past year and trends for the entire quarter.

In Luke 21:32 Jesus says this generation will not pass away until all these things have happened. What does this mean? Isn’t he promising that the end of time will have happened during that generation?

Yeah. Verse 32 can be quite confusing without having the time to get into some of the ways Luke uses language throughout his gospel and Acts. That's the reason why I skipped it during the sermon. Regarding the phrase "this generation," there's quite a bit of debate as to what Luke is intending for us to understand in these words of Jesus. The short answer is that there are two traditional ways to interpret "this generation." First, the phrase refers to the actual generation alive with Jesus. And two, the phrase refers to the generation of those who follow Jesus at the time of His return. Most would agree with the second understanding and interpretation as the best option as it seems obvious that the things Jesus describes did not take place during the time of the apostles.