Love Your Neighbor

On Sunday February 26th Pastor Josh preached an exhilarating message about “Loving Our Neighbor”. This was the last message in our "Love" series that talked about the love that we are to have for our neighbors. And there is no one better to teach us how to love our neighbors than Jesus. Since God first loved us we must love our neighbors! At the end of the message Pastor Josh challenged us to “Go” and “Love Our Neighbors” by sharing Jesus with them or by random acts of kindness. After the service we took this challenge to heart and passed out over fifteen Hundred cards that had different ways that you could “Love Your Neighbor” in the weeks following the message. As the weeks have passed we have seen some of the cards come back with testimonies written on them giving us the story how they “Loved Your Neighbor”. Those testimonies are now displayed on the wall across from the Cafe. Take a minute and to stop by and read a few, I’m sure you will be blessed. Now don’t forget, it’s never too late to “Love Your Neighbor”!