Summer Time Life Group Ideas

Use this summer to to keep your groups humming. Don’t lose the momentum you have built from this past year… Or maybe you need this summer to build momentum to kick start your fall.

Life Group members, you can help take the lead in organizing events to stay in touch, invest in one another and build relationships this summer. Be creative! You may want to also invite other Life Groups to join you in some of these activities as you connect with one another and enjoy connecting others to Jesus Christ. Here are just a few things you might consider during the summer months:

1. Meet monthly for fun activities. Involve the kids.

  • Meet for ice cream
  • Have a potluck
  • Go support one of the kids & their team at their sporting event. You might see some wonderful conversations created (“Who are those people? - Our church Life Group! Let me introduce you!”)
  • Connect with different generations of Life Groups

2. Serve together.

  • Volunteer at VBS
  • Support a group member’s missional passion or outreach to a neighbor/friend
  • See what areas of the church need your service this summer
  • Love on a member of the church
  • Visit a nursing home
  • Grow a garden together to share fresh vegetables with others
  • Gather to pray for the mission teams, the church, others

3.  Try a new study as couples, men only, and women only.

4.  Use your summer meetings to share your testimonies and deepen your relationships.

5.  Get fit and “Prayer walk” together through your neighborhoods, around your schools and the church.