Go - Pikeville KY

Pikeville, KY is your typical small town, USA. With the small town charm also comes some big time social issues. One that many small towns face, including Pikeville, is poverty. When you begin to have to make choices as a family between eating and other necessities some basic needs end up going unmet. Our upcoming Pikeville summer missions trip will give us the opportunity to help the people of Pikeville physically while at the same time feeding them spiritually. So here at Gateway we will be collecting a basic need that is a big need in Pikeville, shoes and socks. We need new pairs of sneakers of all sizes and new pairs of socks of all sizes. The specifics are below but let me thank you for your contribution ahead of time.


Who - the people of Gateway Church, on mission
What - NEW sneakers and socks, all sizes
When - Sundays starting Sunday June 4 through Sunday July 2
Where - the café at Gateway Church, look for the boxes that say Pikeville on them
Why - to help bless the people of Pikevile, KY