Special Needs Ministry

In Kidway, we work hard to create environments that are fun, energetic, and positive places for kids to experience and learn about Jesus. It is our goal that every child who walks through our doors leaves knowing how much God loves them and how special they are. We have volunteers who love kids and are passionate about building relationships with the kids who come to their groups each week. Not all kids are created alike though, and each child experiences the love of Jesus in their own unique way.

It has been a dream of ours for awhile to be able to provide a place for those kids who don’t learn the same or have the same needs as other kids to still connect to Jesus and to others. After months of prayer and planning, this past fall we were finally able to launch a special needs Kidway class during our 10:00 service. This class meets in an office in the staff hallway that became available when several staff members moved to our N Main campus last summer. We are blessed to have a wonderful and dedicated group of volunteers who are extremely passionate to love the kids and families that are a part of this ministry. Many of our volunteers have some type of formal training or work experience with special needs kids, and are excited to use their training to share Christ with these kids. Because the needs of each child are so individual, our volunteers work hard to tailor the Kidway experience to each child’s needs. Some kids are able to participate in portions of the regular Kidway experience, while others do best by staying in the smaller room for the entire service. It has been a blessing to watch kids grow and become more comfortable over the past several months since this ministry was launched.

It is often difficult for families of kids with special needs to feel comfortable attending church, and we want to do all we can to ease parents’ concerns about a new environment for their child. If you know a family who may be interested in this ministry, please invite them to visit Gateway with you sometime. If you would like to contact us about the opportunities available for your child before you attend, or if you are interested in getting involved serving in this ministry, please contact Laura Moore (lmoore@gatewayepc.org).