Summer Serving for Families

This past year, Kidway launched a new ministry called Family Go & Serve. The purpose of our Go & Serve nights is to begin to instill in our kids the values of serving our local church and going into our community with the Gospel of Jesus. These projects give parents an opportunity to “Go & Serve” together, and we hope these experiences can serve as a springboard for more conversations to happen later at home. Just because we are not hosting any Go & Serve events this summer doesn’t mean your family should stop looking for opportunities to serve the community together though. Here are some ideas for how your family can reach out and serve your neighbors this summer:

Take a morning stroll through your neighborhood. Let your toddler learn to lend a hand by picking up a neighbor’s newspaper and taking it to their front doorstep.

Listen for sirens - police cars, ambulances, fire trucks. As you hear them, take time to pray together for people who are going through difficult things. (“Dear Jesus, please help the people who need that ambulance. Calm their hearts and heal their bodies.)

Model the language of kindness and politeness with three simple words: “You go first.” If there’s a chance to do something first (like walking into the house or starting a new game), say it! What a great way to model what Jesus teaches in Mark 9:33-35!

Collect loose change at home and together make a plan for how to serve someone else with the money. Some ideas are to pay for the ice cream of the person behind you in line at Dietsch’s, buy a meal for someone you know is hungry, or get a gift card for groceries and give it to someone who has recently lost a job. Be creative - there are so many ways to share our resources!

Party on a whim! Celebrate someone for no particular reason - bake a cake, create a video, make up a cheer or make a card. No rhyme or reason necessary - except that they’re valuable to you and to God!

We’d love to see how your family is going and serving this summer. Snap a pic, post it to Facebook and tag Kidway to share your ideas!