Operation Bless Black


Operation Bless Back is an annual event held in the spring. OBB is our way of blessing teachers and first responders, police persons and firefighters, for all they do for us as a community in educating the children of Findlay as teachers as well as risking their lives for our safety and protection as the police and firefighters here in Findlay. This year we were able to include both the sheriff’s office and the local highway’s patrol post. By way of blessing these groups of people, OBB includes a meal provided through the generous donations of the people of Gateway Church. The feedback we received from the meal was overwhelmingly positive. Teachers and first responders felt appreciated and cared for.

OBB is just one of the ways in which we GO on missions here at Gateway. These meals provide an opportunity to invest and invite people to Gateway Church. OBB also gives us opportunity to share the gospel with people who do so much of our community. Please consider how you might participate in GO opportunities in the future.