8/6/2017 Q&A Are You on the Right Road?

During the sermon this morning at the 9:00 service, Pastor Ben talked about different beliefs people have. He mentioned about people who believe they will be reincarnated and get a "do over" in some other form. It felt as if he was saying that those beliefs are OK and if you want to believe that it is alright? It seems to me that would be the perfect opportunity to tell folks that regardless of what they want to believe, what will happen when they die is they will meet GOD and have that time to give an accounting for their beliefs and their life. From there, it will only be two choices, Heaven or hell. Eternal separation from GOD. Maybe it's just me, and I took the inference incorrectly?

Re-incarnation is not a biblical view of the afterlife.  It’s actually a version of works-righteousness – if you didn’t get it right the first go-round, then you will get another chance to work your way to God.  And it’s also a ‘spiritual’ sounding avoidance of the clear Bible teaching that there is heaven and hell.  In the context of the message, however, I didn’t think it was stated as somehow an ok belief system.  Perhaps I could have provided more clarity, but I hope and pray that no one left Sunday morning with a wrong view of eternity.  Thanks for a good question.