Permission to Speak

Who has permission to speak into your life? Every month, I have a video phone call with Karl. He’s a pastor friend of mine who lives in Florida and is leading JesusChurch. We’ve been doing these monthly phone calls since 2011. That’s (give or take) 70 times we’ve intentionally connected even though we live miles apart. We also get together at least once (or more) a year as I visit his church while visiting family who live in the area.

During our conversations, we ask about how we’re doing personally, how our families are doing, and how our ministries are doing. We encourage each other, run ideas by each other, and are willing to challenge each other if we see any unhealthy patterns. Something else important is that my wife, Emily, knows she can go to Karl if she and I ever have issues we can’t resolve.

Who can your spouse go to when you’re having unresolved issues? Who can challenge you if they see unhealthy patterns in your life? Who regularly checks in on how you’re doing spiritually?

None of us are meant to do life on our own. Who has permission to speak freely to you?