8/27/17 Q&A Pastoral Search


If Pastor Josh becomes our Senior Pastor, is Gateway going to hire a new Associate Pastor?

This has been one of the most frequently asked questions throughout the pastoral search process.  Gateway has been slowly transitioning to a staffing model that will support multiple campuses and ministry areas.  We have staff members that support CR9, staff members that support North Main, and staff members that support ministries that span both campuses.  One example of the changes is our campus pastors.  Everyone is probably aware that Mike Barnhart is the Campus Pastor at North Main.  The CR9 campus has a Campus Pastor too, Pastor Ben.  If Pastor Josh is approved as our Senior Pastor, then Pastor Ben and Pastor Mike will continue as Campus Pastors at their respective locations.  Prior to Pastor Ben’s retirement in May 2019, Gateway will need to hire a new Campus Pastor for CR9.  While our Senior Pastor will have primary responsibilities for preaching and vision setting, our campus pastors will be our lead shepherds, supported by elders and staff at each campus.  So, will Gateway hire an Associate Pastor once Pastor Ben retires?  Quite possibly, but the title we use and the responsibilities will be different from what we’ve traditionally had.