Sermon Feedback

Preaching a sermon is hard work. It’s also very rewarding. Often, a pastor is given much encouragement from their listeners. I receive encouragement often from you, Gateway Church. Thanks!

Yet there are times when, instead of encouragement, feedback or criticism is shared. Often the feedback/criticism is valid; yet there are times when it isn’t.

At Gateway, those of us who preach are always open to feedback and/or criticism, as we want to be growing in our preaching skills and maturing in how we communicate God’s Word. We spend time evaluating the sermons of each other and provide encouragement and feedback/criticism as needed.

I find this article to be helpful in providing questions that shape the type of sermon feedback/criticism I give to others, so my words help them grow in their preaching skills without discouraging the preacher. These questions have given me a good filter as to what should be most important for me as I listen to and evaluate the sermons of others.

In case you don’t click the link, here are a few of the questions that I think are the best. Feel free to ask them of any sermon I preach and I’d love to hear your feedback.

  • Was there something said or implied that is contrary to the teaching of Scripture?
  • Did the preacher have a good grasp on the main point and purpose of this passage?
  • Was the main point of the sermon clear?
  • Did the application get practical enough?
  • Was the Gospel made clear in the sermon?
  • Were unbelievers addressed and welcomed to repent and put their trust in Jesus?
  • Was the aim of the sermon clearly the worship of Jesus?