To Serve or Not to Serve...

One of the ‘hats’ I wear here at Gateway is to assist people in getting plugged in somewhere to serve within the church. It might surprise you to know that on any given Sunday morning we have anywhere from 100-150 people who serve in various roles throughout the morning worship services. That’s a ‘small army’, if you will, and things wouldn’t work well at all on Sunday mornings without them. Their service, utilizing the gifts and skills that God has given them, is invaluable on so many levels!

The thing is, serving, as an overall concept, need not be and absolutely is not limited to just the church. Any given community, no matter how large or small, has opportunities to serve its citizens, if you are willing to look. The Findlay area, for example, has a multitude of agencies who serve the underprivileged in a variety of ways. Be it meals, clothing, foodstuffs, utility bill help, housing or other ways, they are vital to those in the community that need them.

The core, simple definition of service as a noun is “an act of helpful activity, help, aid…” ( You can engage in service to the church, community and/or wider geographic area…you just have to want to. As well, Scripture is pretty clear that God has a distinct purpose for His people in serving (check out Ephesians 4; there are many other passages as well.)

I encourage you to prayerfully consider what God may have for you to serve Him, whether in the church or community. 

God bless you and yours!

Scott Long
Business/Admin. Team Leader
Administrative Pastor