Serving Resources

from Scott Long, Serve Team Leader

The word ‘serve’ can quickly become ‘old and tired’ as it relates to a church or volunteering. I mean seriously, if you’ve been in a church at all, you’ve heard the word used quite freely. Whether in announcements, videos, electronically and snail-mail occasionally, the topic is mentioned and discussed early and often. ☺

In reality, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Because, if you’ve read any of my past submissions to this blog, you see just how important serving your fellow human-beings is, as well as how important it is ultimately, to God.

You may ask...Where can I find information or resources on just how important it is? Well, allow me to help you out with some resources that I’ve used, but also may help you dig deeper into process (if you’re wired that way).

S.H.A.P.E. by Eric Rees - Finding And Fulfilling Your Unique Purpose For Life
This is a great resource if you want to dig into God’s Word and how He may have wired you, in a multi-lesson work.

The Equipping Church by Sue Mallory - Serving Together To Transform Lives
Another great resource heavy on process, if your church or organization wants to formally systematize volunteer ministry.

The Five Star Church - Serving God and His people with Excellence
If you are involved with or in charge of serving areas within a church during weekend services, this is for you!

Equipped To Serve - Richard Bewes
A former longtime missionary, digs into Scripture and leaves you with a desire to serve.

There are many others, but these are ones I’ve spent some time with, are great to look into and study if serving and your personal ‘wiring’ if you will, is of interest. May God richly bless you as you seek to serve Him!