What's On the Radio? Pt. 4

What are we listening to?

As a music team, we naturally love to listen to music of all types! This is a list of what is on our music leaderships “radio”! This is the last part to the series “What’s On The Radio?”  I’d encourage you to take a look at part one of the series called "Can God Be Glorified in 'Secular' Music?" You might be surprised by some of our choices! If you click on the albums below, it will take you to where you could listen to our song choices.



Into The Light- Red Rocks Worship

Really anything by this worship team is awesome! They just hit my heart everytime! Its pretty much on repeat.

In Rainbows- Radiohead

If we ever chat, you may hear me say this a thousand times, but Radiohead is probably my favorite band ever. Name an album, and I can show why their artistry blows my mind, but this is what I’m literally listening to while I write this.




Death Arrested- North Point Insideout

The message of this song is so impactful. Just an awesome song!




The Search For Everything-  John Mayer

The guitar work is great, and it's a very upbeat, R&B groove album with great acoustic, folk-type songs, as well. It's good to stretch and grow musically with something like that.




Steadfast - Sandra McCracken  

A song that reminds me of His never changing and patient love.

1,000 Kisses- Patty Griffin

Old album of hers but lots of good memories associated with it.




Red Rocks Worship

I love their lyrics and their heart for worship. Their Living Liturgies are awesome and help me memorize scripture.

John Denver

Love his music! Almost always on the playlist.




Sam Cooke

He's got smooth vocals and he sings with a lot of soul and dynamics. A lot of good melodies to mine in his catalog.


Song  List for September 17th
Open Up The Heavens- Vertical Church
Only King Forever- Elevation Church
Rising Sun- All Sons and Daughters
All Glory- Vertical Church
Blessed Assurance- Hymn

Wonder- Hillsong United

I like some of what Hillsong does (not everything), but this album has some songs that can get me out of my own world and seeing things with a bigger perspective.

Only The Lonely- Colony House

Best album of 2017, in my opinion, from the best family of musicians.




Huey Lewis

One of the best bands ever! Always a go to.




O Come To The Altar - Elevation Worship

It's a wonderfully beautiful worship song about the Father welcoming us despite our sin and us going to him freely because we were bought with the blood of Jesus Christ.




Living Liturgies - Red Rocks Worship

Songs that help me memorize Scripture in a new way and put it deep into my heart.

Walk Into A Storm- Lone Bellow

This is a new album, poetic lyrics and just a style of music I am drawn to.



All Sons and Daughters

Their poignant lyrics and amazing harmonies are some of my favorites.