Feast on the Word

With a new year, many people are refocusing on those most important things in life. On New Year’s Eve weekend at Gateway, I preached from 1 Timothy about training to be godly. In the sermon, I challenged Gateway to participate in an 89-day New Testament Bible reading plan.

How’s it going? Are you sticking with it? Do you need to restart? Do you need to start for the first time?

Let’s be honest with one another. Reading the Bible is one of the most important habits you can foster. It’s the doorway to knowing and enjoying Jesus because it is the very Word of God.

As you open your Bible each day, treasure it. Feast on it. And when you don’t view reading your Bible as tasting the sweetest of honey or discovering the jackpot of all rich treasures, faithfully ask God to help you see supernaturally. Ask Him to open your eyes that you might see the treasure of God’s Words that are right before your eyes.

If you find yourself struggling to even get to the point of opening the Bible each day, find an accountability partner today. This person could be a spouse, a friend, or a fellow Life Group member. One way to do this is to agree upon a time of day to either talk, or you could text one another about what God is teaching you in the Bible for the day. This simple method of accountability can provide the extra motivation you need to get into God’s Word each day.

As God changes your life through His Word, I’d love to hear about it! Feel free to e-mail me MBarnhart@gatewayepc.org to share how God is using His Word to transform your life.