Volunteer Spotlight: Joe & April Sonnenberg


Serving is one of our core values here at Gateway, and many of you are serving one another through one of our serving ministries. This week, we are highlighting Joe and April Sonnenberg who serve in the cafe at N Main. Check out what they have to say about serving!

How long have you attended Gateway?...been a volunteer in Gateway’s Cafe?

Attended Gateway 5 years, cafe 3 years

In what capacity do you volunteer?

Every other Sunday in the cafe at N Main

Why did you initially volunteer to serve with cafe?

We wanted to meet and interact with people, and we both love coffee.

What do you enjoy most about serving in the cafe?

Meeting and growing relationships with other members

Do you have a favorite ministry memory of working cafe at Gateway?

Joe: We love that all ministry volunteers bring the kids an hour early, and they eagerly come to the cafe asking what they can help with. They love to help carry items from the basement to the cafe. Then, of course, they especially love ALL the free cookies and hot cocoa!!

What do you enjoy doing when you are not in the cafe to help others connect to Jesus Christ and to one another?

We help volunteer on the prayer team. We love fellowship and always hanging with family!

What would you say to someone who has been feeling a tug to serve, but who hasn’t taken the plunge yet?

Don’t hesitate; do it! Just like Josh said in his sermon this week, when you are blessing and ministering, it brings so much joy, and it comes back 10 fold. It has been such a blessing for us serving in the cafe!