Jacobs Thanksgiving Meal

Throughout the school year, Gateway partners with Jacobs Primary School to love the students and staff in that part of our community. One recent way we showed love to the students was to be a part of their Thanksgiving Feast. The Thanksgiving Feast is a special time at Jacobs, and for some children, is the only Thanksgiving meal that they receive this season.

Jacobs students were proudly dressed in their finest feast outfits and ate all together, mixed in different grade levels and classrooms. The students colored placemats that lined each table setting, and teachers and students ate by candlelight. Everyone was dressed up and sat together as a family would. It was a fancy, special time!

Gateway volunteers were able to encourage all who were present during the meal by sharing how they were thankful for Jacobs School, their teachers, Jesus and other blessings. Many teachers and students shared what they were thankful for as well. The meal finished with the traditional Thanksgiving pumpkin pie (even second servings for some). There were many full tummies! One little boy pushed out his chair and said, “I am so so full!”

After the feast, the Thanksgiving leftovers were delivered to families in the community. Those families were so excited about receiving extra food to use during the break from school. Gateway volunteers served the meal to almost 300 students and staff, who were all touched by the excitement and gratitude in the room. Gateway is so thankful to serve at Jacobs Primary School where we can share the love of Jesus through a warm meal and thankful hearts.