Let God Use The Word To Work In You

You would be shocked by the number of Bibles in homes in America. We have free access to the Word, and we can own it and read it publicly without fear of persecution. But the problem is many Bibles sit on a shelf gathering dust. I once visited a shut-in back in Indiana. As we talked, I spotted a large family bible on the table. I asked the woman whose Bible it was and how long she had owned it. Before she could answer, her grandson spoke up and says “That thing was buried in the back room and that's the first time I've seen it and I’m ten.” She was so embarrassed. I told her it was okay. I then encouraged her to use it since she had made an effort to find it and get it out. That encounter has stuck with me for years. I was convicted in my own heart to be more intentional about reading my Bible. The truth is God wants to say something but it is up to us to give Him a voice by opening His Word. Check out this article “The Word Does The Work” by David Platt as he shares more about how important God’s Word is for us.