Suggested Parent Resource: Passport 2 Purity

by Becca Green, CR9 Next Gen Director

Passport to Purity  is a resource that helps you go deeper in some of the tougher topics that parents and children need to discuss. As parents, it is our responsibility (and privilege) to speak into the lives of our children and guide them as they grow up.  There is incredible peer pressure out there for our kids. If we don't prepare them ahead of time for how they will respond, who will?

Inside this kit you will find information about how to prepare for a life-changing weekend away with your preteen.  It includes a parent’s guide, a journal for your preteen, and a set of CD’s. The directions are easy to follow. You DEFINITELY want to read the Parent's Guide (AHEAD OF TIME). It lays out the agenda for each day and helps you prepare and have all the supplies you will need for your weekend away.  If you have time, I highly suggest listening to the CDs ahead of time as well, which is not required - but will prove beneficial, for sure. There are a total of 8 CDs hosted by Dennis and Barbara Rainey who help coach you through challenging topics such as: Running with the Herd - about friendships and peer pressure;  Ready for an Upgrade - dealing with all the physical changes that are going on with your preteens body. (There are separate CD’s for boys and girls for this session.); Destination Le Pure - this session discusses setting boundaries; Crossing the Dateline - seeing dating differently. Each of these topics is discussed as you listen to a CD in two parts designed to run about an hour each. Along with each lesson, there is a hands-on activity to help drive the points home and hopefully make them a bit more memorable.  

I used Passport to Purity with each of my daughters when they were in middle school and highly recommend it.  It provided a great mother/daughter bonding time and opened up the doors of communication on some tough topics.