Intentional Church Planting Q&A


Rarely, if ever, do sermons center on Bible prophecy re/l Christ's second coming. Why is that? 

We primarily preach through books of the Bible. Verse by verse. Chapter by chapter. This is the way God has given us His Word, so this is the way we choose to preach through it. When we come across a passage about Jesus' second coming, we will be sure to preach on it. 

This past Sunday, the speaker talked about "discipleship." His examples of direct one-on-one interaction with people (e.g. Are you a Christian?) is something many Christians feel intimidated by. Are there plans to employ this version of discipleship at Gateway? If yes, please explain how it would be implemented (e.g. a class, mentoring, "teams" formed and deployed, etc.). 

If you came to any of the Meet Pastor Josh meetings (last Fall) or to the Think Tank meetings (earlier this year), you are aware that discipleship is something we're taking a close look at. A team of staff and congregation members has been informed to investigate how we're doing at making disciples and what we should be doing to improve this critical area of our church. Be on the look out for more information from this group in the coming weeks and months.