Is Your God Big Enough to Forgive?

We’re right in the middle of our sermon series, “Is Your God Big Enough?” This weekend, we’ll answer the question: Is your God big enough to forgive you?

Forgiveness is tough. It’s really tough to forgive other people, but sometimes, it’s even tougher to receive forgiveness yourself. It’s hard because it requires that we humble ourselves to a posture of honesty, acknowledgement, and confession. We’ve got to ‘own’ our sin, but most of us just don’t like to do that, because it doesn’t feel good.

Some people refer to this idea of receiving forgiveness as ‘forgiving yourself.’ People will say things like: “I know she forgives me now...but, I’ve just got to forgive myself.” Or, “You might forgive me, but I could never imagine being able to forgive myself.”

The truth is: You can’t forgive yourself. It’s impossible to forgive yourself because forgiveness takes place in a relationship with someone else. However, you can decide to accept or not accept forgiveness that’s been offered to you.

All of us--myself included--have encountered times when we’ve sinned against someone else and chosen not to receive forgiveness. Instead, we may have shifted the blame to someone else, rationalized our sins, played the ‘victim card,’ or ignored the fact that we wronged anyone in the first place.

Why don’t we simply ‘own’ our sin and receive forgiveness?

It’s likely we have a small view of God, and we don’t view Him as ‘big enough’ to actually forgive us.

Join us this weekend at Gateway, as we look at Colossians 2:6-15 to answer the question: Is your God big enough to forgive you?

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