Finding Jesus: Jeremiah Q&A


Hey Pastor Josh! Great sermon! I am learning so much. One thing I missed this week...where is the Davidian covenant found. Thank you! 

2 Samuel 7. You can find more information from the sermon in the manuscripts linked under each sermon's video post.  Here is the video and manuscript for this week's sermon.

I don’t remember a snake biting Jesus while on the cross? Please elaborate.

There wasn't a literal snake biting Jesus on the cross. In Genesis 3:15, God promises that there will be a war between the Serpent (Satan) and the offspring of the woman (who is Jesus). On the cross, Jesus is crucified. Satan used Judas to betray Jesus and thought he had won the war (thus he fulfilled the prophecy of "striking the heel" of the offspring of the woman in Genesis 3:15). But the crucifixion was not Satan's victory; it was Jesus' victory. On the cross, He crushed the head of the Serpent (Genesis 3:15) as He gave His life to defeat Satan, sin, and death.

Are the offspring of Katurah included in the Abrahamic covenant?   

No. The covenant with Abraham specifically mentions Isaac as the child (his lineage) through whom the covenant promise will be fulfilled.