Gateway Youth Volunteer Spotlight: Chad Hermiller


The quality of any ministry is defined by the volunteers who lead it.  And the Gateway youth ministry is AMAZING! Gateway has over 30 men and women who serve in a variety of capacities with the youth ranging from Sunday morning classes, youth life groups and also music and worship training.  Each individual volunteer has an amazing servant's heart and passion for training the next generation and Gateway is blessed beyond measure by their faithfulness.

One of our long term volunteers who plays a key role that includes countless hours is Chad Hermiller.  Chad has been a part of the youth team for a few years, and when we were looking for an individual to head up our North Main youth ministry, he jumped at the chance.  That means that Chad leads our Sunday mornings at North Main, leads a life group on Sunday nights and partners with Adam and the staff team as they plan out the youth year!  If we get more volunteers like this, Adam will be out of a job…..

We asked Chad a few questions about his time at Gateway with the youth.

Gateway: Why did you choose the youth ministry?

Chad: I've always enjoyed volunteering in youth ministry since I graduated from high school through Youth For Christ, even leading my own group from a couple of years, so it came natural to serve in this area of the church when it was announced that there was a need for more volunteers and then eventually the need for a Youth Leader at North Main.

Gateway: Why do you like serving at Gateway?

Chad: It has really helped me connect with many people that I wouldn't normally talk to on a normal Sunday morning or at Life Group. Especially being at North Main on Sunday mornings, there is always someone that stops and asks how things are. So it has certainly transformed myself and my experience from being just another face in the crowd trying to duck out to the parking lot to someone part of a community of believers.

Gateway: On a scale of 9 to 10 how great is Adam?

Chad: Pass

Gateway: What do you do with the few hours you have left in your week?

Chad: I'm a Quality Supervisor at a tomato processing plant in Ottawa called Hirzel Canning and in my free time I enjoy playing card and board games (and also destroying Adam's dream of being a ping-pong champion).