Sin Is My Problem

When I was a teenager, I remember reading certain Scripture passages that would describe Jesus’ interactions with the religious leaders of his day. Sometimes I’d run across the words “those sinners” in reference to the Pharisees or Sadducees.

I remember thinking…”I’m sure glad that I’m not like them!”

I knew that sin was the problem and that’s why Jesus came to die. But I’d only acknowledge that “I’m a sinner” in a very superficial way. I wouldn’t name my sin. I wouldn’t call it out. I wouldn’t own it. In some ways, I was seeing sin as the problem--which it is--but, I was failing to also see sin as my problem.

If we honestly reflect upon our lives, we should get to point at which each of us can confess sin as ‘my problem.’ But way too often, we just don’t want to go there. So, we blame sin; we put sin on trial; and we want to convict it. We don’t want to be known ourselves as sinners, and we’re unwilling to allow ourselves to be put on trial.

I want to invite you to join me this weekend at Gateway as we continue our “On Trial” series in the book of Romans. This week, we’ll see what the Bible says about putting sin on trial and the hope we have in Christ.

North Main Campus: 6pm on Saturday, 9:15 & 11am on Sunday

CR9 Campus: 9 & 10:45am on Sunday

See you this weekend!