Sin on Trial Q&A

We are sinners, we all fall short, we are labeled as a sinner... then how can we even be called Christ Follower..... and how is it even possible to be Christ like, when sin is everyone’s problem?

As sinners who trust in Jesus, we learn to follow His ways over time. The Bible teaches that there is a process (not a one-time event) of sanctification, which simply means to become more like Christ. You can't find any perfect Christians or Christ-followers in Scripture, including the Apostles. For example, Romans 6-7 illustrate the real life battle between sin and becoming Christ-like. Romans 6 urges us to become obedient to Christ, following His ways, and living for His glory. The Holy Spirit teaches us (gradually, over time) to obey Christ because our sin died in Christ's death, so we should put on the righteousness of Christ--which leads to the fruit of Christlikeness. Furthermore, Paul vulnerably shares his own struggles with sin in Romans 7:15-25. He explains how sin is a stumbling block in this life, even for Christ-followers.

The process of sanctification begins at the point of regeneration and increases throughout one's life. Although sanctification is never completed in this life, it is finished when the Lord returns and glorifies us in Christ (Philippians 3:21).